Our Life Skills Centre

In October 2018 we opened the doors of our new Life Skills Centre. This facility for young adults aged 18 – 21 is designed to help them so that they are better prepared for the challenges of living an independent adult life.

The Life Skills Centre provides an educational environment where our young adults have opportunity to develop essential skills for learning, life and work. Over the past few months, together with the staff, they’ve been busy developing their independence by honing their existing skills, such as baking and working on the estate. We’ve also been learning new skills like making bagels and pizzas for the houses.

Over the coming months we will develop new areas of learning such as felting, weaving and making jam. We’ve started to help the residential houses with their mountains of daily laundry, and we’re also going to help with the ironing – beginning with tea towels. On the estate, our young adults and staff alike will be engaged in wood processing, and young adults will develop skills in using the lawn mower and driving the tractor.

We love the light and space of our new building. We’d like to thank everyone who helped to make the Centre a reality and our young adults absolutely love it!

Click here for more information on our recent Life Skills Centre appeal.

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I enjoy the pizza-making for the houses – especially if they ask for ham.
I like the baking very much.
I enjoy the pizza-making.
Baking and working on the estate are my favourite.
I enjoy baking, working on the estate and preparing vegetables for David the chef
I love the sofa, looking after the chickens and putting the supplies away
I enjoy the baking, estate work and going shopping for pizza toppings.
I like working outside, then coming in and relaxing on the sofa with my friends.