At Ochil Tower School we accept referrals from a range of sources and invite interest from parents and carers, including visits to our school. The formal admission process comes as a result of referrals being agreed with local authorities who agree to meet the placement fees.

If you are interested in making a referral to Ochil Tower, please contact us by email at:


Or call Marc Legowski, Head of Care or Miriam Puccianti, Head of Education

P: +44(0)1764 662416

Our referral process

After an initial enquiry, and an evaluation to ensure our school meets the specific needs of the young person in question, we like to invite parents, carers and/or professionals for a school visit. After a detailed discussion about the suitability of our residential houses and classes, we set up reciprocal visits by visiting the young person in their current educational setting and inviting them to visit us at Ochil Tower School.

By maintaining regular contact, sharing information and organising visits as described we're much more able to properly assess whether we can meet the needs of a specific child, young person or young adult and offer a placement.

Admission to a residential school can be an anxious time for parents and students. We want you to feel welcome and fully informed. Our aim is to ensure our admissions process is well-planned, inclusive and a positive experience for everyone involved.