Belvidere House

Belvidere House is the hub of the community and is a busy house throughout the day. We have capacity for six residential placements and up to three day students within the house. The house co-ordinator lives in the flat attached to the main house and there are also two co-workers who live in the house. In the morning we host what's known as 'teachers break' in Belvidere; this is a great social time when children, young people, teaching and care staff, and co-workers come together for biscuits and cheese. Not to be missed!

Our aim is to create an atmosphere where young people feel that Belvidere is their home from home. We provide consistency in the care and support they receive as well as providing them with a warm and welcoming environment. All our young people have their own room and the freedom to create their own living space which reflects them as individuals.

The young people like to relax, and when it's cold outside we screen movies on the wall of the sitting room and everyone gathers there to enjoy the film and the roaring fire. Most afternoons we like to do arts and crafts as well as bake our favourite cakes and snacks.