Our current appeal

The new school building will cater for up to three classes. It will have facilities for speech and language therapy, a therapy room for massage or movement, a professional kitchen facility and a classroom kitchen.

It’s curved shape and sloping roof will contribute to our nurturing environment by conveying a feeling of security and belonging. The rooms vary in size to create different learning and relaxing spaces, catering for individual student needs.

We'll have three craft rooms accessible by all of our students. One will be located in the courtyard and we hope the courtyard will become the hub of all our school activity as our school continues to develop.

It’s easy to make a donation - just click here to donate online – whether it’s a one-off or a regular gift. Alternatively you can send us a gift by post or hand it in personally. Setting up a regular donation is easy to do, and it helps us with our planning.

For taxpayers there is also the option to allow us to claim Gift Aid on gifts – meaning that we’ll receive the amount you would have paid in tax. There’s a Gift Aid option on our Virgin Just Giving page.

You can find out more about how our new school building will look by playing the slideshow of architectural drawings.