Priory House

Priory House is the smallest of the residential houses, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in character. There are currently four residential placements, with two volunteers living in.

Mirjam, the house co-ordinator lives in the flat upstairs. We have three day pupils who join the community for break time, lunch and rest hour. We love arts and crafts and you can see lots of our handiwork displayed around the house.

We also love a good sing-song so if you are ever in need of a good song and a dance, Priory is your house! Priory is a tight knit group and we hope that living here feels like home for our young people. Our cosy living room and wood burning fire are the heart of our home, and we have lots of fun activities and opportunities to chill out and relax. In early 2019 an extension was added to Priory giving us with more space for our children and young people to play in.