Residential childcare worker

My day

I’ve been a residential childcare worker at Ochil Tower School since June 2018 and I work in Belvidere House. I’m also part of the team that supports young people in the Life Skills Centre.


I begin work at 7.30am along with the other staff, to help the young people get ready for their day. I work with my key child to support her and help her prepare for the day ahead. We all meet in the lounge before going to the dining room for breakfast at 8am. After breakfast the young people have a bit of time to relax and prepare, before they head off to their school class or to the Life Skills Centre for a 9am start.

My day in the Life Skills Centre is very varied. The Centre helps young people to learn the skills they may need in the future and supports them towards being able to live more independently. This includes activities such as estate work, baking – bagels, biscuits, crackers - and vegetable preparation. This work supports our chef to make people happy everyday with his lovely food, and we also sort out deliveries and do laundry and cleaning too.

Wednesday seems to be everyone’s favourite day – it’s the day we make pizza dough and all the houses put in an order for pizza. The young people create these orders and deliver the pizzas to all of the houses.

Most days in the Life Skills Centre finish at 3.30pm and everyone heads back to their houses to have a juice break. One thing I enjoy very much is that break times and meal times at Ochil Tower are very sociable. We all meet in the dining room and have time to talk to all of the young people and ask how their days have been. We all get the opportunity to talk about our day.

Our afternoons can be very varied. It might involve cleaning the house, or it could be playing and being beaten at every board game possible.

We have supper in the houses at 6pm. This is a time when everyone comes together for a meal. After supper the young people relax and get ready for bed.