Miriam Puccianti

Head of Education

I’ve worked for 26 years in special education, 20 of have been in Camphill Schools both in Northern Ireland and Scotland. During this time, I’ve been a key worker, a house co-ordinator and a teacher for children and young people with complex learning and behaviour difficulties, with a variety of syndromes and disorders.

Miriam Puccianti

I’ve managed staff groups, delivered training, been a mentor to colleagues and worked collegiately with other senior members of our community. It's important to me to ensure high standards in the delivery of care and education for children and young people.

Building strong relationships, creating therapeutic environments imbued with culture, and recognising the potential in each individual are essential to support learning and development. I work as hands-on as possible with the children and young people in our community. This gives me the energy, joy and fulfilment needed to effectively lead our school and Life Skills Centre at Ochil Tower.

I have a BA in Social Pedagogy, I’ve trained as a Waldorf Teacher, and I also hold the Camphill Certificate in Curative Education and Social Therapy.

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